Dream Lash is one of the most professional supplier and manufacturer for high quality mink lashes from lash production base Qingdao China. Our mission is to create high quality and cruelty free lashes since the year 2011. We strive to be the leaders in false eyelash business around the globe by providing innovative, fashionable and high quality production to empower our customers worldwide.

We produce mink lashes in different length including classical natural mink lashes, medium length lashes from 18mm to 20mm, the long dramatic lashes 22mm to 25mm. We also supply silk lashes and individual lashes and related affiliated product such as tweezers and glue with guaranteed quality and competitive price.

We have established good reputation home and abroad with 8 years of hardworking experience from all of our team members. We export to many countries including USA, Australia, Korea and different EU countries. We work with some popular big brands from USA. Quality is always our first priority to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and continuous future development.
Dream Lashes is committed to encourage individuals to reach success as they define it. We encourage our partners to expand and improve their lash business, transform life and achieve new goals one by one on the way to reach success. We are also dedicated to maintain a healthy, happy and inspiring environment for our employees who always make every single pair of lashes with love and heart. We offer good chance and platform for our team members to realise personal dreams on our way of common growth and mutual developement.
We hope to work with customers from home and abroad to develp and expand our career together!


  • Our dedicated production team

    Our dedicated production team

  • HK Cosmoprof 2018

    HK Cosmoprof 2018

  • Our professional Production Team

    Our professional Production Team

  • Our Beautiful and Handsome Customers

    Our Beautiful and Handsome Customers

  • China Beauty Show2017

    China Beauty Show2017

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    Middle East Beauty Show 2019

  • 2015-2018 International Beauty Show

    2015-2018 International Beauty Show

  • Our Pride, the Enthusiastic and Passionate and inspiring Team

    Our Pride, the Enthusiastic and Passionate and inspiring Team

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