Tips for maintaining your lashes
Nov10, 2020

Today I would like to share some tips for cleaning your false lashes so as to extend their life. The cleaning process is quite simple and there are only several steps to follow.

First, glue removing The first thing is to check what kind of lashes you are using. The method of cleaning faux mink lashes and mink lashes is different. After removing your lashes there’s probably some clumps

First, glue removing

The first thing is to check what kind of lashes you are using. The method of cleaning faux mink lashes and mink lashes is different. After removing your lashes there’s probably some clumps of glue leftover.  Soak a cotton bud with eye makeup remover and wipe away the glue on the lash strip. If there are still stubborn bits, use an applicator and pick them off carefully. Don’t forget to use oil-free makeup remover for faux mink lashes.

Second, lashes cleaning

It is a very important step if you’ve applied some mascara on top of your lashes. Skip this step if your lashes are mink. I believe you will not apply mascara on mink lashes anyway. Take to cotton pads-tightly wound, and soak them in clean water, sandwich the lashes in-between the pads and massage them softly. Of course you can also use a brush dipped in makeup remover to comb the lashes to prevent the mascara.

Third, Washing

Next, take a cotton pad and soak it in warm water, wipe the lashes to get rid of any makeup remnants. If you’re using mink lashes, be sure to use a very small amount as not to damage them. Pay attention to the strip of the lashes as it’s very important to ensure they’re really clean to avoid any bacteria as these strips contact with your eyes directly. You can even sanitize them by spraying them with 70% grade alcohol.

Fourth, Air-drying

Gently stroke your lashes again and lay them down on a clean towel. Give them enough time for air drying. Once they are completely dry, put them in the box that they originally stay. Place them in the original semi-circle position, this will help maintain the lashes’ shape and keep them clean. Just like this, your lashes will be perfect to wear for the next time.

Easy to follow, right? Do as this, enjoy your lashes.

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